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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aiks 2010 holidays... >< "

My bro's beloved DIABOLO... xo

I'm growing mushroom Edy..
Need 2 get a job..
Start from 2Moro, I'll look 4 jobs...

Really miss the sch life..
no need 2 worry about this and that...
can get pocket money from parents.. ^^
( Big girl edy la.. paise get money from parents de leh ^^)

I wonder hows other friends... XD
its been a long time ... didn't contact with them >
Oh ya... those tau geis at sch miss me leh.. ^^ ( know I'm mentioning who de la)
SRy, no transport neh..
Don't worry, sure got other chance¬

NS de fren...
How r u guys ah..!?
Can eat and sleep anot..?
after March bring u guys eat Pork chop buffet la.. XD
Ns's rules very weird...
those who gets fever , they'll drive u 2 the hospital¬
after march.. everywhere will see botak zai... XD

Oh yeAH!!!
2MORO going 4 interview.. ^^
nervous woo...
Wish me luck... Xp
Bye ¬.¬

070110 ( mushroom everywhere!! )

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 1st post.. XD

Happy new year guys.. ^^

okay~ i spend my new year countdown with a group of guys.. O.o
abit chit chat.. ( Ns, jokes,) and make a call joking around with that...
and that was my last chance 2 see wah lung's face.. ( xiu xam xiong lou la Xp )

Hmm Ns...
I wonder whats NS life..?
sure fun... but WHY I'M NOT IN THE 1st Batch... ><" so I'll delay it.. Xp
but nt all places is fun 2 camp around....
Hey Lung n others, see u guys around march~

Now its everyone choice planning 4 the coming days...
1>stay at home grow mushrooms~
2>go get a job 2 earn some money and spend it XD~
3>continue further studies~
and of course NS.. ^^
I'm the 1st..

SPM result gonna serve hot around mid March~.~
Aiks.. sket sket err...
will i continue my studies or wait 4 the result..!?
I'm not the 1 who decides...
tenyok dulu la....

Its raining outside~
i wonder hows Ur new life..!?

okay~ going back 2 my Ex-sch 2moro, return books NEH~
On the other hand, can go back feel and see those old days~
Miss the days...
When we lepak, rayau, make jokes, paper balls fight, celebrate buff day n etc....
Can u imagine the time passed so damn fast--- its been 5 years
since 2005-2009, from a kiddo growing up big 2 become a teenager~ X.X

Kay~ Enuf 4 now...

To be continue again some day~
mayb 2moro or the day after 2moro.!!!?
WHo knows when i got the moods ~ X)

2010 new life~

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hapy Holiday every1 XD

Merry Xmas....!!! XD

DO u guys put some big Socks beside the window or bed..!? X)
If u didn't receive Santa's present, nvm...
Maybe he'll give u something more special ^^


Merry merry Christmas..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

X Title~

To forgive others is a virtue,
While to forgive oneself is to damage virtue.

By Maintaining a good heart at every moment,
every day is a good day.
If at every instance there is right mindfulness, then any time,
any direction, any location is auspicious.

Our love for others should be pure and undefined.
either the love for friends or family...

Do not confine urself. You should first extend undefiled love to others
in order for others to give their love to you

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Picha ^^

Thx 4 the B'day wish ya^^
Received a lot oh~
this yr didn't celebrate nia Xx~
THat day also dun have the b'day feeL...T.T

Recently nothing 2 post..^^
cauz~ ain't gt the mood..
Just some picha~

( Goodbye September ^^ )

September~ at Melaka

Cousin's B'day ^^

2ND DAy at Melaka ( I'm Fall in love )

1st day At Melaka ( traffic Jam T.T )


SO that's it 4 now.. ^^
September is a great Month~
It Had a lot of beginning of Stories ^^
It had The End too~
Different ppl tells different stories;
Different ppl holds different views...
Dun be stubborn with it ~
CAuz it had been Passed...
Day passes like the river~
Whether u go through with great experience or gently~
In the end, there's no turning back...
THose What has Passed Just let it go..
Keep as Memories ^^

xMex 5-10-09
( with a lot of impressions )

My Playlist ^.~